Exploring Computer Science

Rules, Guidelines for Exploring Computer Science

Students in the Exploring Computer Science class will attain computer skills that will enable them to understand the essentials of modern computer systems. This nationally approved class is a class that has earned A-G accreditation status and is an excellent introduction to the world of computers and programming logic. Students will learn to use graphic manipulation programs such as Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Flash, Word Processing using MS Word, mathematical computations and statistical analysis using MS Excel, and will learn the fundamentals of programming concepts.

Students will learn practical programming applications that will help them with all their classes and will learn to integrate programs to get the most out of them. Students will create documents individually and in teams. They will assist each other in class and will learn to be productive in class and in a team environment.

Students will learn the fundamentals of game programming, robotics and logic. They will be extremely busy and will need to complete assignments in many disciplines to get the most out of the class. Students are encouraged to take part in our Engineering Club, which meets before school on Wednesday mornings. This year we will build robotic cars and take part in an engineering competition featuring building bridges for the National Society of Mechanical Engineers Popsicle Bridge Competition.

I, ________________________________, the parent/guardian of _____________________ certify on this date of _________________________ that my student will abide by the rules of the computer class in room 306 and will be an active participant in encouraging him/her to do the best work possible.

If you need to discuss the progress of your student in my class or need clarification, you may call me through the office. I have sixth period conference and am available then and after school by appointment.

Teacher Name:  Stephen Scanlan

Class :Room 306


Parent Guardian Signature:    ______________________________________

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